Design is a Team Sport

Design is a team sport! Are you ready to collaborate on your 3D conceptual models in real time? This is not vapor-ware. This is real. Come check out our latest update at

To get started, make sure you are logged into Autodesk 360, click Start Sharing Session and email your colleagues the link. That is all there is to it! Once they log in, you will see them appear in the header next to the Collaboration button. Everyone is assigned a unique selection color so you can keep track of who is working on what. Use the chat window to enhance your collaboration session. As with all of FormIt, this is still in beta. Please give us a shout at our Support site to let us know about your experience.


Twitter Roundup for September

Here are some FormIt highlights from Twitter during September. Remember, you can always follow us @FormIt3D!

Weather data comes to FormIt

We are happy to announce an exciting update for our iOS client. We continue to invest in leveraging our unique and powerful cloud solutions to  building performance analysis tools to FormIt. We started at Autodesk University last year with the Energy Cost Range. Now, we are happy to announce that the same rich weather data that is available in Revit and Vasari is now available in FormIt on iOS. When you access the map interface to set location, you will now see weather stations populate your map! Just tap on a station to view the prevailing wind and annual temperature graphs. The Building Performance Analysis blog has some more detail on what is under the hood. This functionality is coming to the web and Android clients soon.

And for all of you Android users out there, we have not forgotten about you! We have a new update almost ready to go. Just a few more bugs to squash first. Stay tuned!

3D Printing, FormIt Web Beta, #FormItFriday

The latest version of FormIt on iOS has an awesome new feature to smooth out 3D printing workflows. After you’ve created your model, you can export to an OBJ file. The OBJ opens directly with MakerWare for printing on a MakerBot!


I built this FormIt model as a simplified homage to Tadao Ando and his amazing Church of Light in Japan. I also wanted to celebrate a friend’s good news by making a scale souvenir for him. His dog is named Ando, so you know he’s a big fan.


The unique use of light and shadows in this building fits well with a new feature in our FormIt Web Beta. A recent update includes the Sun and Shadow menu, with sliders to quickly adjust the time and date, so you can see how shadows move across your model.


The same FormIt Web Beta update also includes visual style effects like Sketchy lines, Line extensions, Hidden lines, and the option to turn the grid on or off.


Finally, I wanted to invite you to use the #FormItFriday tag on Twitter and Instagram for when you have free time on a Friday and feel like sharing your FormIt creations! Don’t forget to throw the #FormIt3d tag on as well.

PS – Here are a few #3Dprinting tags to check out… #maker #makeroftheday

An end-to-end FormIt workflow

I know many of you have already caught the FormIt bug. But if you find yourself trying to explain the value of FormIt to colleagues and friends, maybe this video will help. I created this to present to our internal sales teams and I thought I would share it with you. Its a bit long, but it steps through an entire FormIt workflow and shows off its value.

FormIt and Revit, Beautiful Together

Here is a video showing the Villa Savoye model I have been working on to highlight our interop with Revit. Here is a copy of the model. Download the AXM file and load it into the FormIt folder in your Autodesk 360 drive and refresh your gallery in FormIt to load it.

The wonderful Revit model of Villa Savoye at the end was created by Autodesk Technical Sales Specialist, Samuel Macalister. He has been creating some fantastic cross-product workflow models using FormIt, Revit, 3DS Max and more over at the BIM Toolbox – including the “1 Hour Tower”. All of his models can be download from his Behance page.

Villa Savoye – buit in Revit and rendered in Autodesk 360 Rendering. By Samuel Macalister.

New Twitter and Instagram feeds

We finally decided to grow up an get our own Twitter account. We will be tweeting @Formit3D. And, because all of the kids are doing it, we also set up on Instagram where we will be posting images of stuff we are building around the office. You know, like when we get hungry. Hashtag #FormIt3D on both and share some of your best FormIt models!