Autodesk® FormIt is a web and mobile app that helps you capture building design concepts digitally anytime, anywhere ideas strike. Use real-world site information to help create forms in context and support early design decisions with real building data. Experience a continuous Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow by synchronizing designs in the cloud for further refinement using Autodesk® Revit® software products and other applications.

Express design ideas with easy-to-use tools:

  • Create forms quickly from a gallery of shapes or by sketching in 3D
  • Directly manipulate forms using gestures for easy model changes
  • Save designs to the cloud and share with others
  • Apply custom materials

Easy access to site information:

  • Set project location in a searchable maps interface
  • Import satellite image of your site
  • Design directly in the context of your proposed building location
  • Understand the impact of local climate and track the energy cost on your design

Make early design decisions:

  • Explore the effects of the sun using the location-aware Shadow Study tool
  • Start early program analysis by tracking gross building floor area ratio while you design

Experience a more continuous BIM workflow:

  • Store and share designs in the cloud using Autodesk® 360 cloud services
  • Easily transfer designs to desktop applications via RVT, OBJ or SAT file formats
  • Explore design ideas and add detail to early design forms using award-winning BIM technology

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  1. Only 3 countries in the world use the Imperial measurement system.
    The USA, Liberia and Burma.

    Why does Autodesk make these apps for Apple, but still does not allow Revit for Apple??

    Anyone say OpenBIM or Interoperability?

    • Only one country speaks Hungarian
      Only one country issues zloty currency
      all airline pilots speak only one language

      What is your point: that the USA is not the center of the universe? Then who is? Or, the US is the center of the universe and you don’t like it? If you are implying that the US should use the metric system, the metric system is French, and they DO believe they are the center of the universe.:-)

  2. Can you upload models that have already been created i.e. from rivet or say 3ds max?
    If so how? And what are the limitations on the model i.e. Tris count, model size/complexity…

    Good work also, I like it!

  3. All arc I draw, on object face or alone on the floor, disappear when I Quit the fucntion.😦 Is this an exemple fonction that dont realy works ?

    • You need to complete a closed shape. No support for single line segments , except to split faces

  4. Very, very good for a first version.

    Some comments:-
    -Upon syncing to Autodesk 360, on .axm and .sat files are produced? Where is the .rvt files?????
    -Any ideas what the plans are for this app? ie are there lots more features in the pipeline? This could be THE Killer app for the ipad with a few more features. At present it is a VERY, VERY good Tech demo, with slightly limited real-world use. But you have shown the POTENTIAL for this to be AMAZING. Please keep up the development.

    I’ll be doing a review of FormIt on RevitZone.com in the near future. If you guys would like to contribute some info for inclusion, that would be great?!


    • The Revit conversion was not ready for AU, but it will be coming online soon. I will connect with you directly about info for the review

    • Yes! FormIt models are saved to your Autodesk 360 account as SAT files. These can be imported into 123D Design and then further processed for the purposes of 3D printing.

  5. Being an avid SketchUp-user (sry guys ^^ …max and maya too tough) this is an incredible first-look on an app that could easily be the most promissing thing i have seen for the ipad yet. the controls work very well already, now please take a closer look at what makes SketchUp so great (line-tool, offset, path-follow, intersecting, snapping on mid-distances of lines, the ability to define the number of sides for an arc or circle, all the powerful math-based actions, fbx-export (!)) and bring them to this tool to give us the first real 3d-modelling app… for any anorganic assets at least. if you do that one right, you can have my money anytime!:) Keep up the great work!

  6. I totally agree with Matt’s comments. You guys are sitting on a GOLD MINE! I’ll say that again….. you have a potential GOLD MINE on your hands. The number of architects and designers who have ipads must be HUGE. The potential of this App, with the correct development, would probably be the most excting, productive application on this platform to date.

    The interface TOTALLY lends itself to a touch screen. The ability to “sketch” in 3D forms, ANYWHERE (ie from ther office, site, bus or sofa) is VERY appealing.

    I’ve got my walet open and ready- but we need this VERY promising tech-demo to be ramped up a bit.


    • This is a great app, but it lacks an ability to measure, copy, array and accurately place objects to a desired dimension. It takes time to create an object to the the desired dimension (and practice). Even then, there is no way to check a measurement after the object is placed. Angles would be useful, perhaps layers, blocks, coordinates and better snapping would help.

      Sketchup still has the edge. Would be nice to be able to import/export to other model formats (other than revit although useful). It’s not very accurate either although area and volume tools are useful!

      • Paul, thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned re. measure and copy:) As for other model formats, SAT is an option for importing into other solid modeling apps

  7. GREAT START!!!! I’m really loving the app. I have a few bits of feedback on things you probably are already working on but…
    Ability to select more than one face/edge at a time for (like CTRL + Mouse Select):
    *Color Painting
    Ability to heal faces that have edges added
    Ability to query edge lengths, face sq ft,
    Overlay street names ontop of satellite image
    Ability to select vertices

      • “Rfa not supported. But are you getting RVT ?” no, I am getting only .sat and .axm no revit files. can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it convert

  8. I don’t see a copy function…am I just blind? I created a shape and can’t duplicate it for the life of me by drawing it manually again, but if I could simply copy the one I have problem solved…

    • Tap and hold on an object and in the bottom left of the menu you will see a copy to clipboard button. Then tap and hold on the ground plane to paste

  9. having trouble deleting a line placed on a surface. Tap and hold only selects surface and not line. any way to delete line?

    • We fixed it this morning. Try and make a minor edit and resave the file. The RVT conversion should restart. If I can ask, what kind of work are you doing with FormIt and Revit?

  10. I am a sculptor. FormIt on ipad is exactly what I needed to make the move to digital models with my work. However, I can not export my designs. I tried signing up for Autodesk360, but it requires a serial number. How can I export 3d models from FormIt to my laptop?

    • Autodesk 360 account is free and does not require a serial number. It is currently the only way to export models.

  11. Feature questions/requests. How do I do these items, or if not currently features can they be added?
    1. Custom “materials”? (from camera/photo roll)
    2. Single line segments for splitting faces: no warning when line not “completed”, so sometimes complex lines disappear because a curve is overlapping an edge or other reasons. Can you add an option to display warning/allow for line completion if system detects split line is not “complete” (rather than just deleting the whole line)
    3. Savable color pallets?
    4. Ability to bisect a solid at the split line? (currently I have to copy the object, then extrude one side away, then on the copy extrude the other side away)

    • 1 and 3 are coming soon. The other two are good suggestions, which we will consider. Thanks! Can you share some of your work with us ?

  12. I use a satellite image on my iPAD as a base for FormIT but when I save my FormIT model with the image on to Autodesk 360 and try to access the Revit file from there, I don’t get the satellite image. Any way I can transfer the satellite image through the cloud as well?

    • The location lat long is transferred, but not the image yet. We are working on that

  13. Can I use FormIT to pull .rvt files from my technical support website and view them on my iPad?
    What if any conversions do I have to do first?

    • Larry, yes. The current process to do that is to export your RVT to an SAT file, upload it to A360 and import it into FormIt (using the import button on the bottom right.) Caveats: no material support, the objects are no longer “bim”, they are faces and edges, and there is a 15 mb limit per SAT file to keep the iPad from blowing up:)

  14. Cuando estará lista la versión para android? Pues trabajo con dos plataformas y esta herramienta es muy útil en mi trabajo gracias por si responden

  15. Gracias!! Por el gran trabajo realizado y por escuchar a los usuarios de Android, no queda más que probar la aplicación y estoy seguro que tiene el mejor de futuro. Gracias de nuevo. Estaremos hayudando con sugerencias que desborden esta herramienta

  16. Sería bueno que activarán la opción de color y la de textura, tarda un poco en la herramienta linea cuando se desliza. Probado en una tableta Samsung, esperamos siguiente actualización gracias.

  17. Good work, but why in the version for Android you can not put the texture as on ipad, it would be really useful. Solve this problem, thank you and good development.

  18. Hi guys! Really loving FormIt and using it a lot right now. One question – is there a way to set the exact dimension for the cylinder diameter? I know we can scale the cylinder object by pinching, but I’d like to be able to input the actual dimension I want.

  19. great work!
    are you planning to release an app for Windows 8 based tablets?
    are you working on Smartphone apps?

  20. Love the app! Having a lot of fun working with it! If I could throw my 2 cents in for what I’d like to see in future versions: It would be nice to be able to free draw lines and 2-d shapes more easily.

  21. Hello,
    We need the Microsoft versions of FORMIT for Desktop, SurfacePro2, Surface RT, and Windows Phones.

  22. hi! im using form it in metric system. Every time i type new numerical input for a level it rounds the number down to the next meter.
    any tips?

    • Angie, what number are you trying to input exactly? I can do 40.5, and that works for me.

  23. I was recently looking for an ipad app version of sketchup and was pleased to find formit. I am still relatively inexperienced with sketchup, but after a few minutes working with formit, i see nothing but promise! I absolutely love the element manipulation. It’s just a nice quick and easy way to mass something with some basic tools without trying to be sketchup.

    Repeating some earlier sentiments, there are few immediate things that would help make the app even better and more essential to users:

    1) more precision dimensional control of input and modification.
    2) measure tool
    3) text tool please!
    4) a basic “layer” or option system that might allow us to isolate objects, similar to the design option system in Revit, That would go a long way toward working on different ideas without having to create an alternate file.

    Please keep up the great work. Formit has become a close friend for doodling and I’m eager to see more improvements!

  24. I uploaded to Autodesk 360 an .obj file made in ArchiCAD 17, but when I click import 3D models and select that file, nothing happens, any idea why?

      • Thank you. When I tried on my phone (HTC one x) there was no cancel and import model button under the files list that u can select, but then I tried on my Nexus 10 and the buttons were there,but after clicking on import model and then on the 3d scene the app crashed.

  25. The new update for the apple tabs is really bad now is harder to move objects also you can’t rotate some things and when you put many objects it start to get slower something that never happend befor, really bad and also disapointed

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