Autodesk University 2012

We are officially launching FormIt here at Autodesk University today. Members of the team are here to give hallway demos, answer questions, and gather suggestions for future releases. Here are ways to catch up with the team – here in Vegas and virtually:

  • Keen eyes will notice FormIt being featured as part of the Mainstage presentation on Tuesday morning
  • Angi Izzi and I will be participating in a Facecast on Wednesday at 3pm PT.
  • We will be giving a live demo at THEbar Demo Theater on Tuesday at 1:30 PT
  • Team members will be hanging out for most of the week in the Autodesk 360 Lounge. Keep an eye out for people in the t-shirts shown below (a lucky few will get their own!)
  • Grab a drink with us at the @case_inc Tweetup at Ri Ra Irish Pub on Tuesday at 10pm PM
  • If you are not attending AU, I will be blogging on this site and tweeting @AutodeskVasari. #FormIt !

8 thoughts on “Autodesk University 2012

  1. When will something like this be available for the PC. I want to be able to work quickly like this and bring it right into Revit. It’s the biggest thing missing from the Autodesk line up and Revit’s massing tools are no match for this quick and intuitive charretting technique.

  2. Looks good…but we do not use iOs tablets at our construction sites. They’re not rugged enough. Also, to keep it simple, we take a windows tablet (because it’s easier to integrate in our IT infrastructure), and the same autodesk products as we use them at our desk. For example NavisWorks (we use that for +10 years). Our type of jobs are a mix of plant design, architecture and civil works.
    So, when will the Windows version arrive ??

    • No definite plans yet for a Windows version. However, I am curious to hear more about how you envision using an app like FormIt in the field.

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